Steam cleaning unit

Waste heat recovery units

Hyperbaric pressure vessels

Water Treatment Systems

Seawater is used for several functions, from drinking water, to ultra pure water which reduces the temperature and thus emissions from the gas turbine.

Steam heated walkways

Exhaust ducts for gas turbines

The Halvorsen Exhaust Ducts for extended system life can handle 800 transient operations. Extended lifetime of exhaust systems with minimized risk of leakages.

Pig Launcher and Receiver system

Boiler Remote Control

Halvorsen has developed a concept which allows for remote monitoring of central parameters related to water treatment using online measurements.


Information video Tratec Halvorsen AS

This video was filmed when Bredford Dolphin approached Tratec Halvorsen at Angholmen. There is also general information about our facilities and some of our products shown in this video. Should there be any interest for more information about our products or facilities feel free to contact us.


Hot water delivery to Technip Abu Dhabi

Tailor made hot water system to Technip.


Halvorsen is a complete EPCI provider of cost-effective products and smart technology for the global energy industry. Our solutions have clear efficiency gains for our clients when it comes to footprint, costs and the environment.