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Hot water delivery to Technip Abu Dhabi

Tailor made hot water system to Technip.

New boiler to Glava - Ny kjele til Glava

Fra en kjele som gikk på lettolje til en gasskjele som øker virkningsgraden.

Education exhibition for Junior Highschool

We participated in the education exhibition in Flekkefjord 10.11.16.

The Directorate of Industry and Fisheries visited us. Unfortunately the article is in Norwegian.

Vi har et nytt skipskonsept med fremdriftssystem basert på LNG-gass, en ny løsning for gasstanker, batterilading ved seiling, varmegjenvinning som gir energi til prosessene ombord og batteridrift inn og ut av havner, avslørte direktør Frode Olsen i Halvorsen Offshore til representantene fra Nærings- og fiskeridepartementet.

Atmospheric storage tanks

Tanks made in duplex material.

Halvorsen acquires IPE AS

Building competence on engineering services for electrical instrumentation.

​35 tonne exhaust duct on 7 trucks

Halvorsen Offshore has delivered new exhaust ducts to Statoil’s LM Turbine on Veslefrikk B

Certification of Qualification

Major contract for Halvorsen Offshore

Halvorsen will supply WHRU (waste heat recovery unit) and exhaust ducts for Fabricom to Statoil's Asgard B platform. The total contract sum is in excess of 30 million NOK.

Air-oil separator for Asgard A

IPPS and Halvorsen Offshore will supply and install four air-oil separators for Asgard A platform. The order has a size of around nine million NOK.

Halvorsen authorized as certification provider

Norwegian Certification/Norsk Sertifisering confirms that Halvorsen Offshore Certification AS is approved as certification provider, class S-1.

Halvorsen with Large Eco-technology Contract on Troll C

The emissions of climate gas NOx on the Troll C platform are to be reduced significantly. Halvorsen Offshore in Kvinesdal have been awarded a contract to build a water treatment system that makes these reductions possible.

Agreement with Maritime Industry Service AS.

Halvorsen has signed a cooperation agreement with Maritime Industry Service AS and its subsidiary, Procoat AS (formerly Hartvigsen AS). If chemistry is also good in the future, it is going to merge with Halvorsen AS during 2013.

Halvorsen delivered hyperbaric testing tank to MPM at Forus.

The tank will be used to test the equipment to be used on the seabed. The tank has an internal diameter of 1400mm and height 4000mm cylindrical. The tank is designed for internal pressure of 400 bar, corresponding to the pressure at 4000 meters depth.

Upgrade Dragchain 2/4 X

Halvorsen was assigned the study due to good references on similar project on 2/4 Kilo. The contract covers engineering, construction, installation and commissioning/testing.