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Agreement with Maritime Industry Service AS.

Halvorsen has signed a cooperation agreement with Maritime Industry Service AS and its subsidiary, Procoat AS (formerly Hartvigsen AS). If chemistry is also good in the future, it is going to merge with Halvorsen AS during 2013.
Maritime Industrial Services (MIS) is strategically located at an offshorequay and make repairs, modifications, footbridges, burns derricks and pipelines that are prefabricated and then installed offshore.
The idea is that MIS and Halvorsen Offshore can prefabricate with each other. Halvorsen group receives a hub in the Stavanger region. Furthermore Procoat acquire corrosion protectionand coatings for Halvorsen.
The parties have formed a new certification company (enterprise) for lifting equipment that also others can benefit on, Halvorsen Offshore Certification.
Read article in Stavanger Aftenblad here: http://www.aftenbladet.no/energi/Dusavik-verksted-i-ny-allianse-3019522.html

Contact: Sigve Skimmeland