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Halvorsen authorized as certification provider

Norwegian Certification/Norsk Sertifisering confirms that Halvorsen Offshore Certification AS is approved as certification provider, class S-1.
Steinar Due-Olsen, CEO Halvorsen Offshore Certification says:

"We are very satisfied to be a certification provider. This is a great day and we look forward to taking on the job. We are ready to take on new business."

Certification Category Description
  • G7     Winches / hoist
  • G10   Hand-operated cranes
  • RX     All types of Lifting Equipment
  • R1     Chain
  • R2     Fiber
  • R3     Steel wire ropes
  • R4     Loose (disc clips, eyebolts, shackles, concrete lifting container, steel lockers, pallet                  forks)
  • R5     Yokes
  • R6     Other Equipment

For more information, contact:
Steinar Due-Olsen
tel: +47 915 58 292
e-mail: steinar.due-olsen@halvorsen.no

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