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Halvorsen delivered hyperbaric testing tank to MPM at Forus.

The tank will be used to test the equipment to be used on the seabed. The tank has an internal diameter of 1400mm and height 4000mm cylindrical. The tank is designed for internal pressure of 400 bar, corresponding to the pressure at 4000 meters depth.
Steel thickness of the tank is 200mm to withstand the rigors of the major forces that arise, and the entire unit weighs 80 tons.

The tank is equipped with a hydraulically operated lid, which means that you can close and open the tank quickly. Besides the hyperbaric tank system consists of reservoir tank, piping and valves, so you can empty and refill the tank quickly with water.

Halvorsen Offshore has also supplied the control system, so you can easily program the thick cycles, and control the life of the tank.

This is the largest hyperbaric tank Halvorsen AS has delivered for testing of subsea equipment.  

Read more here: http://www.aftenbladet.no/energi/Forus-far-sin-forste-fjord-2983400.html