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Halvorsen with Large Eco-technology Contract on Troll C

The emissions of climate gas NOx on the Troll C platform are to be reduced significantly. Halvorsen Offshore in Kvinesdal have been awarded a contract to build a water treatment system that makes these reductions possible.


The new system will not clean the NOx, but prevent the gases from forming. By converting sea water to super clean water that, together with natural gas, is fed to the gas turbines, reduces the temperature of combustion and prevents the formation of the environmentally dangerous NOx gas.

"We will project, build and test the system in Kvinesdal. In August next year we will deliver the system to Apply Sørco, principle contractor to Statoil, who has assigned this contract to us. We are proud that we are considered the best provider in the prestige project" says Frode Olsen, Managing Director of Halvorsen.
"Apply Sørco are very happy to have Halvorsen with us as a supplier to this pilot project. Together we will develop an off-shore solution that can be of great significance for Norway's environmental commitments in relation to the cleaning of NOx", says Morten Sirevaag, Project Manager in Apply Sørco.
Leading Edge Work
The NOx technology has been previously used by ERC, a company in Ski in Akershus. Now ERC has merged with Halvorsen Group and the cooperation makes the North Sea contract possible.
"For us in ERC, this is a win-win situation. We have worked with the NOx problem for many years. Integration with Halvorsen Offshore makes us together, able to land and execute this large pilot project.", says Tommy Schierning, Managing Director of ERC. He emphasises the cooperation with GE Water as well.
"GE Water are world leaders in water treatment and supply the membranes that enable us to clean the sea water and in the quantities that are needed. A purity grade 300 times that of normal drinking water is necessary if the process is to work", says Tommy Schierning.
The system shall be operational in the North Sea in 2014, and for Halvorsen this portion of the contract has a value of over 80 million kroner.


The Halvorsen Group are specialists in pressure and temperature technologies, heat retrieval, gas turbines, electrical switchboard systems and engineering services. The group comprises the companies Halvorsen Offshore, ERC, Kanfa Tec, Kanfa Tec IIc, Inventa IPPS, Halvorsen Offshore Sertifisering and Skarnes Elektro, and has a total turn-over of around 600 million kroner. The Halvorsen Group is a total supplier to the oil industry.
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Frode Olsen, Managing Director Halvorsen Offshore Tel: 99285610
Jan Rob, Project Manager Halvorsen Offshore Tel: 99285626
Tommy Schierning, Managing Director ERC Tel: 91579869
Morten Sirevåg, Project Manager Apply Sørco Tel: 90527828