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Major contract for Halvorsen Offshore

Halvorsen will supply WHRU (waste heat recovery unit) and exhaust ducts for Fabricom to Statoil's Asgard B platform. The total contract sum is in excess of 30 million NOK.
This is a major contract and a very exciting project for Halvorsen Offshore. The device consists of WHRU and exhaust ducts. It is 17.7 meters high and about seven meters wide. Inner diameter of the tubes is 2.4 meters, said project manager Kjell Vidar Netland.

The project will be conducted in collaboration with Halvorsen Offshore`s sister company IPPS by Knuth Jahr. They have long experience and key patents for this to be a good product, says Netland.

The project will be delivered in July 2013. This means very much work, both in engineering and fabrication, to be performed in a short time. Installation will be done during the platform shutdown in September 2013, says Netland.