Halvorsen Management System

The HALVORSEN Group has developed a joint management system in order to ensure that all companies comply with the following requirements:

  • Quality system in accordance with ISO 9001:2000
  • Environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001
  • Internal Control System/HSE system
  • HR

The management system is provided in a database developed by Info Tjenester and is an electronic, online database allowing easy access for all employees, irrespective of location.
The system is structured with folders which contain HALVORSEN's Company Management manual. The system contains manuals for HR, quality and HSE. The system also functions as an Intranet for distribution of information sent by email to all HALVORSEN's employees.

Quality - ISO 9001:2000

  • Combined with the general section of the control documents, this part comprises HALVORSEN's quality manual. It includes:
  • Goals and plans of action
  • Procedures and forms
  • Project manual
  • Job descriptions

HSE – IQ and ISO 14001

  • Goals and plans of action
  • HSE manual
  • HSE procedures and forms
  • Link to the database for the records of substances and products
  • Information on the safety committee, industrial defence, company health service and working environment committee
  • The environmental management system
For more information, contact
Nils Arne Modal 
HSE/QA Manager
+47 99 28 56 65


This site contains the HR manual and a presentation of all the company employees.
It also includes information on specific subjects relating to HR.
All new recruits at HALVORSEN are guided through the electronic version of the HR manual.
For more information, contact
Ann Sylvi Vikeså   
HR & Administration Manager
+ 47 99 28 56 27


ann sylvi vikesa

Nils Arne Modal

HSE/QA Manager
+47 992 85 665

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