Turbo machinery Air-Oil Separator.

Patented Air-Oil Separator for Gas Turbines and Turbo Compressors. Removes up top 99.97 % of oil droplets and reducing oil mist down to 1 ppm.  

The challenge: 
  • Ventilation air from lube oil sumps on Gas Turbines and Turbo Compressors is typically ventilated to open air.
  • However, the sump ventilation air is contaminated with oil mist, causing unwanted conditions for both humans and the environment.
  • The contamination of oil in sump ventilation air is normally in the range of 800 to 1200 ppm (parts per million) by weight.

The solution:
With the Halvorsen Air-Oil separator, oil content in separator discharge air is less than 1 ppm by weight. 
In compliance with all relevant codes and standards.

Halvorsen Air Oil separators

Air Oil separators front and back. 

Cost-effective and HSE friendly 
Typical unwanted effects from discharge of oil mist to the environment are:
  • Oil mist sucked into the gas turbine primary air filter causes increased pressure drop over the filter, which contributes to increased compressor fouling.
  • Oil pollutions to air may cause injuries, allergies and illness for personnel working in polluted areas, like on a platform installation.
  • Cable Insulation can over time be damaged when being exposed to oil.
  • Slippery conditions on ladders and walkways.
  • Dumped ventilation air into the Gas Turbine exhaust duct may cause a fire situation.
  • Increased oil consumption.

The Halvorsen Air-Oil Separator separates the oil from the air, returning the oil to the lube oil tank.

Advantages of the Halvorsen Air Oil Separator:
  • Oil content in Separator discharge air is less than 1 ppm by weight, being in compliance with relevant codes and standards.
  • Low pressure drop, securing no pressurization of the oil sump.
  • Can be supplied with fan motor frequency converter to balance the lube oil sump pressure.
  • Can be installed on existing installations.
  • High reliability and availability.
  • Unwanted conditions as noted are eliminated.

Separator design:
Our Air-Oil Separators are designed and built in full compliance with Statutory Regulations, International Codes & Standards, and in compliance with Company Technical Requisition.

  • Simple installation. Preassembled on skid.
  • Skid can be tailor made to suit local demands.
  • No hot work needed
  • The separator can be connected to existing control system
  • Designed for both for Offshore - and onshore installations

Material selection:
The Separator can be supplied in alternative materials.
Examples are, 316L, Duplex and Super Duplex.

Design Life:
The Separator is designed to last for 20 years. 

The Separator has a proven availability of 99,85 %.
The down time is represented by replacement of filters every 8000 hour.

The Factory Acceptance Testing of the HO Air-Oil Separator includes performance testing.
The performance testing is made by using a specially designed Test Rig, where the respective Lube Oil Sump Conditions are simulated to comply with real conditions, like:
  • Oil concentration
  • Sump pressure
  • Mist droplet size
  • Sump temperature
  • Ventilation air discharge flow

Test verification is made by a 3rd. party, 
nominated by the Company.

More than 120 units delivered, typically
Applied gas turbines such as: 
  • LM1600
  • LM2500
  • LM6000
  • Various Turbo Compressors.

Four Air Oil separators in one skid for ConocoPhillips and Eldfisk E

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