Halvorsen Multipurpose Steam & Pressure Vessel System

A complete system which covers all process-integrated systems:

  • Halvorsen ORO Tank Heating System
  • Halvorsen Bulk Handling System
  • Halvorsen Steam System

Full automated – Reliable – Saves space

Multipurpose steam and pressure vessel system

Halvorsen Pressure Vessel System

A complete system which covers all processes for storage and transport of bulk materials, both dry bulk and slurry. The system also provides the full volume of steam and water required on ships for heating, flushing tanks, de-icing, heating escape routes etc.

Saves space, fully automatic and reliable

The Halvorsen Pressure Vessel System provides significant savings in space – the same pressure tanks can be used for a number of operations and processes. The system is used daily and is well-known among operators if the ORO system has to be activated.
The system is therefore extremely reliable for all operations onboard a ship.

Tailor-made systems

Halvorsen Offshore has developed a full range of system technology, and supplies tailor-made systems based on demand and requirements from individual customers..

Halvorsen Steam System

We are the market leader within Industrial Energy Systems for the onshore market in Norway. We produced our very first boiler system as early as 1929.
The Halvorsen Steam System provides steam for the full range of processes and operations which require steam and heat onboard a ship:

  • ORO-operations
  • Flushing tanks
  • Heating
  • Hot water
  • De-icing
  • Heating escape routes etc.

Tailor-made for ships

The Halvorsen Steam System has been developed and tailor-made for assembly onboard ships:
  • The boiler takes up very little space
  • Rapid heating
  • Flexible modulation
  • PLS for gradual control of output


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