Steam Cleaning Unit

The Steam Cleaning Unit is an element boiler fitted in a mobile frame, approved for transportation.
Steam Cleaning Unit from Halvorsen Offshore
The Steam Cleaning Unit can be compared to a standard high-pressure washer, but produces steam rather than water. The Steam Cleaning Unit is an eco-friendly system, as it eliminates the need for detergents. The unit is utilised to clean small piping systems and for minor cleaning jobs.

The actual boiler is so small that it can be made of stainless steel material, even though this costs four times as much as normal steel. All the unit needs is water and power supply, and will generate a total of 50-150 kilowatt. The unit is so small that it can be moved manually.

The boiler is insulated with mineral wool and jacketed in stainless steel. Any parts of the boiler which are not jacketed have been sprayed with a heat-resistant lacquer. All welded joints are easily accessible for inspection.  

Design pressure        3.5 bar (g)
Working pressure        0.5 bar (g)
Voltage elements        440 V
Frequency            60 Hz
Performance            2 x 75 kW


Total hardness:         Less than 0.1 ºdH
Alkalinity:            p-value 2.5 - 7.5
Phosphate excess:        10 - 30 mg/litre
Sulphite excess:         20 - 50 mg/litre
PH value:             9.5 - 11
Conductivity at 25 ºC:        Less than 2000 µS/cm (electric boiler)
Conductivity at 25 ºC:         Less than 3000 µS/cm (oil burning/smoke pipe boiler)

Design and function of the unit

The unit comprises a PHE element boiler fitted inside a mobile frame (approved for transportation).

The PHE element boiler is an all-welded steam boiler where the stainless steel, acid proof (SIS 2348) elements are placed directly inside the boiler's water volume. This allows for a rapid heat transmission from the element's heating coil to the surrounding water.

During construction, the boiler is controlled using X-ray equipment, magnaflux and ultrasound, in accordance with current requirements.

The probes are fitted on element flanges which are assembled directly on the boiler shell.

Simple access to connections and thermostats in the switch box on each element, 75 kW.



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