Water Quality System

Water treatment

Halvorsen has developed a complete system for water treatment to be installed in a steam or hot water boiler. The system can be adapted to individual plants, based on preliminary analyses of crude water and information from the customer.

Significant savings:

  • Prevents increased operating costs (4 mm incrustation constitutes 10% increase in heating costs)
  • Prevents over-heating and breakdown
  • Prevents shutdown and downtime
  • Extends the life of the boiler
Guarantee: Users of the Halvorsen Water Quality System receive a guarantee of up to 3 years against surface corrosion.

Water analysis

Halvorsen supplies equipment and instrumentation for complete monitoring of water quality for water intended for a feed water tank and boilers used in steam and hot water plants. The systems cover a full range of analyses, from simple manual analyses carried out by the boiler supervisor, to advanced online analyses carried out independently of the need for a boiler supervisor.


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