Water Treatment Systems

Extracting value from water

The Halvorsen Water Treatment Systems separate water from the well stream in order to produce clean water to be used as potable water, discharged to sea or re-injected back to the reservoir.

NOx reduction Troll C
  - Installation of NOx reduction project on Statoil’s Troll C

Water management is a crucial element of oil and gas production, and we specialize in the following areas:
  • Potable Water Treatment
    Converting seawater or brackish water to drinking water according to international standards.
  • Process Water Treatment
    Converting salt water or brackish water to different qualities of process water, depending on client specifications.
  • WLN de-NOx Treatment
    Converts sea water or brackish water into demineralized water (DW) for injection into the gas turbine, (better than 1 mS/cm) with the purpose to decrease NOx emissions and/or increase the shaft power of the gas turbine.
  • Water injection for wells, combined with de-oxygenation technology
    Decreases the salt content in the seawater to the client’s specification, and removes the oxygen in the water, using membrane technology, to less than 20 ppb (parts per billion). This technology can increase oil recovery from mature fields by up to 12%.

Our Water Treatment systems have been successful on several installations. Recently we installed a NOx reduction project on Statoil’s Troll C. We also provide a Fresh Water Generation package with Reverse Osmosis system for Total’s Martin Linge - one of the most advanced platforms to operate in the North Sea.

Halvorsen provides turnkey solutions that are tailor-made to client specifications, and our systems support the most stringent requirements for environmental management of produced water. You can rely on Halvorsen to only recommend systems that meet your specific requirements.

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