Major delivery by Halvorsen Offshore

Delivery of two new major seabed well foundations for Det Norske Oljeselskap

The CANs are scheduled to be installed in the North Sea in early March.

The so-called CAN (Conductor Anchor Node) units weigh 55 tons each and have a diameter of 6 metres and a height of 8 metres. The well foundations have been developed by NeoDrill AS in Ålgård, with Harald Strand as main developer.

Efficient delivery even at short notice
This project is quite unique in that it required an extreme focus on quality. Working at extremely short notice, everything had to be executed correctly first time around – the deadline from steel delivery to completion was 8 weeks.

Production in Kvinesdal required 2 shifts working for the last 6-7 weeks. The workshop personnel did an impressive job keeping to deadline and delivering a high quality product.

Halvorsen Offshore AS is very confident about this concept and expects it to become a major part of production and future deliveries. It looks like the company in Kvinesdal can expect a very busy spring and summer.

Conductor Anchor Node

The CAN technology is an impressive piece of innovation, developed and patented by NeoDrill As in Ålgård.

The CANs are installed on the seabed and help provide a much higher level of safety and extremely robust well foundations, which can withstand the load of the largest BOPs. The CANs also provide substantial environmental benefits which can now be demonstrated with the CAN installation close to an area of coral which has to be protected from sludge discharges from drilling operations.

Halvorsen Offshore AS has signed an agreement with NeoDrill AS regarding production of these foundations.

NeoDrill has supplied several similar foundations in previous years. The cooperation agreement with Halvorsen Offshore has opened the doors to a new product niche for both companies.

Inventor for the North Sea
Harald Strand is a technology developer with years of experience from offshore drilling. As one of the very first Norwegian drilling engineers, he is widely known for his simple and practical designs, as demonstrated with the CAN technology. He is recognised throughout the offshore industry as a true inventor for the North Sea.

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​35 tonne exhaust duct on 7 trucks
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Major delivery by Halvorsen Offshore
Exhaust duct for Veslefrikk

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