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Boiler Remote Control

Halvorsen has developed a concept which allows for remote monitoring of central parameters related to water treatment using online measurements.

Customers can operate the monitoring system in-house or outsource this task to Halvorsen.


  • Prevents shutdown and downtime
  • Extends the life of the boiler
  • Saves resources with no need for personnel to measure water quality – fully automated system
  • Ensures storage and documentation of measurement data
  • Generates reports for documentation of water quality

Guarantee: Users of the Halvorsen Water Quality System receive a guarantee of up to 3 years against surface corrosion in the boiler plant.

Measuring cell

Halvorsen has developed a measuring cell with sensors for online measurement of the following parameters for water treatment:
  • PH- value
  • Conductivity
  • Oxygen content
  • Other parameters, e.g. pressure and temperature

Online monitoring

The values measured can be displayed to the customer on the exterior of the boiler, transmitted to the customer's control room or transmitted to Halvorsen's control centre. The customer therefore no longer has to take daily water samples in order to control water quality, as this takes place automatically.

Reports for documentation

The measurement data is stored on an external server, and customers are able to generate reports and graphic presentations in order to document the water quality in their boiler. The reports provide complete documentation of water quality.

Alarm system

The system allows for definition of recommended limits for each measurement parameter. If these limits are exceeded, an alarm is transmitted in the form of a warning by email or telephone. The alarm can be transmitted directly to the customer or to Halvorsen's control centre.


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