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The reliability of equipment onboard the vessel is a crucial factor at sea where vibration, humidity, and salt can be harmful for both mechanical and electronic components.

Sudden breakdowns can lead to costly downtime and expensive service for operations and are also a safety risk.

To ensure high quality and uptime in operation, special requirements are therefore taken care of in our choice of components and materials.

Typical equipment package from us consists of:
  •  Generators with/without Diesel engines
  •  Main switchboard and Transformers
  •  Low Voltage MSB and MCC    
  •  Propulsion AC Drive and motors
  •  Thruster AC Drive and motors
  •  DC Bus/Grid systems
  •  PMS/Automation system

The marked situation has changed over the last 10 years giving us the opportunity to deliver cost-effective applications/solutions to cost-effective operations.


Bjørn Helleren 
​Manager MMO

tlf: 99 28 56 00