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Integrated Automation System

We have implemented advanced control technologies to improve safety and efficiency in our packages. Today marine and oil companies are relying more heavily on automation and control technologies to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve their safety standards and are able to prevent hazardous situations and improve their health and safety standards.

Our automation and control systems are used throughout the industry from oil & gas field operations, to drilling and service rigs, and marine vessels, helping to raise efficiency, speed and performance of companies' operations. With the aid of control, automation and monitoring technologies companies can monitor and report their activities with greater transparency and therefore improve processes and safety.

Several thousand vessels are sailing with our smart solutions. We supply products and know-how on the global market, and are heavily engaged in newbuildings and rebuilding projects (retrofit).

Our SMARTChief® product solutions integrate all functions in a user friendly way, and comply with the regulations and notations of all major classification societies.

SMARTChief® II Alarm & Monitoring System
The SMARTChief® II is a fully scaleable screen based alarm and control system with a range of design and operational benefits. It displays an extensive overview of the vessels functions including AMS, Pump Control, Valve Control, Tank Sounding, PMS control, CCTV, Fire alarm and other seamless integrations subject to the vessels configuration.

SMART Link™ is a direct link to your vessel, which empowers us to service or check the SMART Chief® II wherever you are in the world, as long as you have a working connection.

The SMARTChief® Power Management System
The SMARTChief® Power Management is designed for all kind of applications and complies with all major classification societies rules.

The SMARTChief® Power Management System (PMS) is well proven, complete system, adaptable to control any plant combining engine generators (diesel, heavy fuel, gas, steam) and fixed-frequency generators (shaft or turbine-driven). The SMARTChief® PMS may include input for external supply (emergency or harbour generator, shore connection, public mains). The easy-to-use-program enables you to control the system in relaxed confidence. Simple menu selection and procedures assure fast and safe setting of paramenters and access to all essential data on the operator panel.

SMARTChief® Tank Level Management
The SMARTChief® Tank Level Management offers reliability, accuracy and flexibility in cargo loading, tank monitoring and unloading. Easy installation, operation and maintenance are key factors in our system.


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