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Stena Drilling, Ocean Rig

Steam heated walkways

Prevents ice and snow on offshore walkways in winterized areas.
Increased activities in arctic areas creates a rising demand for heated escape routes and walkways onboard platforms. 

The most common walkway systems previously used electrical heating cables assembled in cassettes. As an alternative Halvorsen has developed heated walkways using a water/glycol-mixture as a heating medium to heat walkways in winterized areas.

Benefits with steam over electrical heated walkways:

Cheaper production
Easier and quicker assembly, both in-house and on-site
Reduces costs as it can be used with waste heat as heating medium
By using waste heat, you can create heated steam, which warms the water-glycol mixture to approximately 60ºC. This is the temperature needed in order to circulate the heating media through the walkway system, which functions as a water/air heat exchanger. 

If you do not have waste heat available at your installation, a separate steam unit for heating of the water-glycol mixture is needed. 

The aluminum cassettes are normally 1 x 5 metres in size and are fitted with heating coils of plastic pipes. Thickness of the sections are 83mm. 


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