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Waste Heat Recovery Units

Patented Waste Heat Recovery solution for gas turbine exhaust.
With the Halvorsen WHRU you get significantly increased turbine train efficiency, decreased fuel demand and less pollution.

Thermal efficiency in the gas turbine train can increase from around 33% to around 70%.

  • Low weight
  • Units delivered in preassembled transportable pieces
  • Increases thermal efficiency to the process
  • Ideal for retrofit applications
  • Compact, minimal external clearance required
  • Good flow modulation capability
  • Including fail safe mode
  • Custom made designs available
  • Low maintenance costs
  • FEM/CFD analysis
The energy captured by the Waste Heat Recovery Unit is used for a variety of heat processes such as heating of oil, water, water/glycol for processing oil and gas, and gas regeneration. Waste heat can also be used for heating of living quarters and other heating purposes.
Halvorsen are also delivering ducting, dampers, diffusers, bellows, silencers, steel structure, access platforms and other components tailor made for your needs.
Integrated exhaust bypass
The circular Waste Heat Recovery Unit can be delivered with an integral exhaust bypass solution which is ideal for offshore platforms and FPSO`s. By integrating bypass into the WHRU the total size decreases which contributes to a reduced installation footprint, lower weight and easier retrofit.
Preassembled - single lift
Our WHRU`s are preassembled, modularized and ready for single lift for simple site installation.
Halvorsen WHRU`s are robust and durable with low maintenance cost and contribute to the reduction of both CO2 and NOx emissions.
Halvorsen has delivered WHRU/HRSGs for:
  • Medium range gas turbines (2 – 40 MW)
  • Exhaust flows in the range of 8 to 175 kg/s (two LM2500+ in one HRSG)
  • Exhaust temperature unfired up to 630ºC in design
  • Gas turbines from GE, Solar, OPRA and Siemens

Halvorsen Waste Heat Recovery Unit from Halvorsen Group on Vimeo.

Other services:
  • Front end and conceptual studies
  • System design, cost estimation, review and optimization
  • Offshore troubleshooting
  • CFD calculations (FLUENT)
  • FEM analysis of high temperature exposed exhaust systems
  • HYSYS calculations
  • Steam Cycle Balance of Plant Analysis
  • Commissioning and start-up
  • help increase energy efficiency for our clients

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Kjell Vidar Netland 
​Manager Product Division

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Circular Waste Heat Recovery Unit from Halvorsen AS
Circular Waste Heat Recovery Units ready for installation in the Gulf of Mexico.