Tratec Halvorsen boss Frode Olsen sees a green gain from being a member of the Eyde cluster.

Last year, Tratec Halvorsen joined the Eyde cluster. This week became the business presented on the cluster's website.

- The point of our membership in the Eyde cluster is to add knowledge that allows us to make better use of energy. In the green wave we should get more waste gas heat from the smelters, says general manager Frode Olsen in article.

Eyde Cluster is a cluster for the process industry. The purpose of the cluster is to ensure growth and a competitive process industry operating within the framework of the Paris Agreement in Norway. The Eyde cluster has also created innovation structures that help secure the globally leading position for the cluster of the Norwegian process industry.

The cluster covers almost all of the largest process industry companies operating in Norway, and through its role as Norwegian Center of Expertise (NCE) has an important role to promote innovation and development in process industry companies. Most members are based on Agder. In 2018, the cluster's member companies (excluding R&D and pure knowledge institutions) accounted for around NOK 44 billion in sales and employed 6,146 people.

Steam boiler for shower factory

The labels on the bottles from Telemark Spring water are glued on with steam from a boiler supplied by Tratec Halvorsen.

Signed agreement with Veolia

Tratec Halvorsen will work with a global giant on the development and production of water treatment equipment.