Builds four offshore tanks


It is rolled and welded in the workshop. Four new tanks are soon ready for the North Sea.

- The tanks are in different sizes, and will be delivered at the end of November, says head of pressure equipment, Kjell Vidar Netland.

Two of the tanks are storage tanks - so-called Storage Tanks. The largest of them has a height of 3.6 meters and a diameter of 3 meters. The third is - one Closed Drain Drum - measures 3.7 meters in length and 1.3 meters in diameter. The last thought is with so-called Seawater Filter.

- The tanks will be installed on a platform in the North Sea, says Netland.

Three of the tanks are in duplex steel and one in superduplex steel.

- The work with these tanks creates a lot of activity in the workshop, so we are happy with that, says head of fabrication, John Vester Nielsen.

Around the world on boiler service

Tratec Halvorsen's boiler service personnel visit customers everywhere.

With 90 kilos in each weld

The "Pig Receiver" who is going to the North Sea is among the largest that Tratec Halvorsen has produced in recent times.