Changing exhaust ducts and renovating pressure tanks on the Jotun FPSO


For two years, Tratec Halvorsen has installed new exhaust ducts and upgraded pressure tanks on the production ship Jotun FPSO.

Text: Sveinung W. Jensen, Tellus Communications

- There are two major missions. The old exhaust ducts have been replaced with new ones, while in the pressure tanks we have changed the feed and carried out welding repairs and pressure testing, says project manager Roald Ingebretsen.

The upgrade of the Jotun FPSO at the Worley Rosenberg Stavanger shipyard is part of Vår Energi's investment in increased extraction of oil from the Balder field in the North Sea.

Work on the exhaust ducts started in March 2022. It is the ducts in the ship's forward engine room and rear fire pump engine room that are being replaced. Tratec Halvorsen dismantles the old ones, and produces new ones at the workshop in Kvinesdal and installs them on board.

WORKED WITH upgrading the pressure tanks is also in the final phase. Here, between 10 and 15 men have been at work on the Rosenberg loom. In addition, four employees in Kvinesdal are engaged full-time.

End bottoms are replaced, tank bottoms are repaired and several fittings are replaced.

- We are giving new life to 30 offshore tanks. Eight of them have been transported to our workshop in Kvinesdal and refurbished here. The rest is upgraded on the ship itself, says Ingebretsen.

THE STARTING POINT for the assignment is an inspection job with a condition assessment of close to 50 tanks and 20 heat exchangers. Errors and deficiencies were pointed out here, and what needed to be repaired was reported to the customer in order to increase the lifespan of the equipment.

Tratec Halvorsen was given the task of extending the service life of the tanks that required upgrading.

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