- Fun to see how things work


The work placement at Tratec Halvorsen gave the three secondary school students one day a little out of the ordinary.

For a few hours, Jonas Helleren, Markus Løining Olsen and Aksel Netland Gudde swapped out Norwegian and math books with orange overalls and yellow protective helmets.

At work at Tratec Halvorsen, the three 14-year-olds, who are in 8th grade at Flekkefjord junior high school, learned how to make heat calculations. They also got a thorough introduction to the work tasks at the workshop.

- It's fun to see how things work, says Jonas Helleren.

- Why did you choose the placement at Tratec Halvorsen?

- Because my dad works here, Jonas answers.

Bjørn Helleren is head of sales and market, and thinks it is great to visit young people.

- It's fun to show them what we do here, he says.

Markus Løining Olsen would like to work in the workshop in the long run.

- It was very exciting inside the hall, yes, he says.

For Aksel Netland Gudde there were many new impressions.

- We got to see a lot that we had never seen before, says the 14-year-old.

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