Spearhead in new international venture

For over 20 years, he has worked with clients in Asia. Now Bjørn Tore Nyland will use his network to sell Tratec Halvorsen internationally.

Summer temps in full swing

Elise Helleren (21) digitizes old paper invoices, while Leon Sirnes (16) welds a pipe to be used in the workshop. Meet Tratec Halvorsen's summer temporary workers!

The three new engineers are having a great time

Sverre Johan Øien Nervik (27) left his home town of Trondheim to work at Tratec Halvorsen. In the neighboring offices, he has been joined by two other newly employed engineers.

On a welding course in the workshop

They have hardly set foot in a mechanical workshop before. Now Kim Tesdal and Solveig Årnes will learn to weld.

School pupils get a taste of workshop life

- This seems like a decent place to work, says Thea Malene Rafoss-Olsen (16).

New apprentices thrive in the workshop

They are already involved in most of what happens in the workshop, apprentices Evan Nathaniel Johnsen (20) and Ulrik Sirnes Birkeland (19).