The square tank ready for testing

The first of the six tanks for the new Hugin A platform will soon be ready in the workshop.

Changing exhaust ducts and renovating pressure tanks on the Jotun FPSO

For two years, Tratec Halvorsen has installed new exhaust ducts and upgraded pressure tanks on the production ship Jotun FPSO.

Builds large fresh water tank

The first of a total of six tanks for Aker BP's new Hugin A platform in the Yggdrasil area is under construction at the workshop in Øyesletta.

Gets national attention in new video

Through video presentations, Aker BP will showcase its Norwegian subcontractors in the Yggdrasil project. Among the companies that are highlighted is Tratec Halvorsen.

Process module ready for Jotun FPSO

Here, the 40.3-tonne process module is lifted on board the Jotun FPSO production ship.

Donating steel to welding school students

Tratec Halvorsen is giving away over one tonne of pipes and plates in acid-resistant steel to a local school, so that the pupils can practice TIG welding.