With 90 kilos in each weld

The "Pig Receiver" who is going to the North Sea is among the largest that Tratec Halvorsen has produced in recent times.

New focus and tough priorities

Fewer in the workshop, quarantines and home office. The corona crisis has put staff to the test.

Easter job in the Barents Sea

Two welders from Tratec Halvorsen were sent by charter plane to Hammerfest to do a job on the Goliat field.

Measures against the spread of the coronavirus

Tratec Halvorsen has implemented measures in the workplace to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus.

- Fun to see how things work

The work placement at Tratec Halvorsen gave the three secondary school students one day a little out of the ordinary.

Operating profit of 15.3 million

With new owners, Tratec Halvorsen is experiencing strong growth. Last year, turnover increased by over 40 per cent.