On overhaul job in the North Sea


Three employees from Tratec Halvorsen ensure that the offshore life of a 1989 hot water boiler is extended.

- We now have three men offshore. They will replace smoke pipes and do a general maintenance job so that the boiler can be recertified, says Narve Tunheim, head of temperature-controlled equipment in Tratec Halvorsen.

The 1.5 megawatt boiler is used to heat a module on an oil platform in the North Sea.

- The job is estimated to take 14 days. We do some such work during the year. In addition to boiler life extensions, we of course also produce new ones, says Tunheim.


With 90 kilos in each weld

The "Pig Receiver" who is going to the North Sea is among the largest that Tratec Halvorsen has produced in recent times.

New focus and tough priorities

Fewer in the workshop, quarantines and home office. The corona crisis has put staff to the test.