Welds transport frame for oil rig

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At the workshop, two welders are busy building a transport frame for a BOP mandrel for Odfjell Drilling.

Text and photo: Sveinung W. Jensen, Tellus Communications 

- The customer was so satisfied with the previous one we made that we received another order. This one is slightly smaller than the previous one, says Svein Krossli, project manager at Tratec Halvorsen.

Two men are assigned to the job, which takes around four weeks. Extensive testing must be carried out before the frame – which measures 2.43 by 1.60 meters – can be sent to the customer.

- It will be lift tested and all welding must undergo a thorough X-ray check, says John Vester Nielsen, head of fabrication at Tratec Halvorsen.

Odfjell Drilling is a rig company that rents out semi-submersible rigs that are adapted to weather-resistant areas. These rigs are typically suitable in areas such as the North Sea and the Barents Sea.

The company has some of the market's most advanced rigs that can drill in deep water in tough conditions.

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