Draws and projects


Runar Eriksen (24) sees a safe, interesting and long future as an employee of Tratec Halvorsen.

- My job is to design and design the things we will create - for example, platform decks and tanks. I am quite fresh yet, so it has taken some time to learn the drawing program. But I feel that things are getting better and better. I hope to be here for many years, says Eriksen.

The 24-year-old is the youngest of all Tratec Halvorsen employees. Without that he thinks there is no problem.

- The working environment is great. The colleagues are pleasant and helpful, says Eriksen.

"And then you have to say that you have a good boss," Svein Krossli calls from the neighboring office.

- Yes, the boss is very good, he, laughs the young female beer.

- A handyman

Eriksen's formal job title is a project engineer. Man he calls himself "potato".

"I'm an all-man, after all," says Eriksen.

He holds a professional certificate as an industrial mechanic from Eiken Mechanical Workshop.

- What I like very much here is that I get the opportunity to try new things, says Eriksen.

Rallycross enthusiast

Together with the cohabitant in Austerdalen in Kvinesdal he does a lot of renovation of "house and home". But he also gets time for his big passion, which is motorsport.

- We are a lot of friends who enjoy car crossings and scooters. Before, I was actively driving. But I am still part of the environment, ”says Eriksen.



- A lot of freedom and a lot of responsibility

Kjell Vidar Netland
He is the youngest member of the Tratec Halvorsen administration. Nevertheless, Kjell Vidar Netland (37) holds an important role in the company.

With X-ray and ultrasound in the workshop

- The best thing about working in Tratec Halvorsen is the good environment and the versatile work tasks.