The three new engineers are having a great time

Ingeniørene Sverre Johan Øien Nervik, Mats Hompland og Stian Skeie stortrives hos Tratec Halvorsen.

Sverre Johan Øien Nervik (27) left his home town of Trondheim to work at Tratec Halvorsen. In the neighboring offices, he has been joined by two other newly employed engineers.

Text and photo: Sveinung W. Jensen, Tellus Communications

- I am enjoying myself very well. All office doors are always open, and you get the help you need. I feel like part of a team, says Sverre Johan.

He has a degree in mechanical engineering at the renowned NTNU with a specialization in construction engineering and retrofitting in renewable energy. That he ended up in Sørlandet is accidental.

- I APPLIED FOR JOB all over the country, and came for an interview here at Tratec Halvorsen. The chemistry was good, so when I was offered a position here, I just had to pack my bags, says Sverre Johan, who rents an apartment in Trellevika in Flekkefjord.

- I have neither a wife nor children, so I am flexible in every way. How long I stay in Sørlandet, time will tell. But I think it's very nice here. And then it's good not to shovel snow, smiles the Trønder.

AS A PROJECT ENGINEER does he have a varied working day. He models in 3D, writes NDT reports and participates in pressure testing of tanks.

- I mostly work in the office, but am often out in the workshop as well. The first task I was given was to make GA drawings of an atmospheric tank, says Sverre Johan.

In the office next to him sits Stian Skeie (40), who quit his engineering job at Hydramech Solutions to start at Tratec Halvorsen.

- I wanted to try something new. It got a little quiet where I was before, explains Stian.

AFTER THAT HE graduated as an engineer from the Vocational School in Agder in the field of mechanical engineering 11 years ago, he first worked for about two years in Cameron in Kristiansand. Then he went home to Eiken and joined Hydramech Solutions.

Stian also has work experience from Eiken Mekaniske verksted, where he worked before vocational school.

Since 1 February, he has commuted to work between Eiken and Kvinesdal.

- Here it will be drawing and construction, and that suits me well. As a project engineer, I'm also out in the workshop quite a bit, says Stian, who has plenty to do in his spare time.

- It goes in football, hunting and skiing. I no longer play myself, but coach the kids. So it's enough to keep your fingers crossed, says Stian.

ONE WHO CONTINUES actively playing football is Mats Hompland (24), who sits in an office a few blocks away from Stian.

He moved from Lyngdal to Kvinesdal with his partner when he got a job at Tratec Halvorsen. Now he works at Øyesletta, and is in the goal line for the A team of Kvinesdal IL.

- I got a job in February last year, and will start here in June - just four days after I received my diploma, says Mats.

He has a bachelor's degree in mechatronics from the University of Agder, and considered going on to a master's degree. But when the job offer from Tratec Halvorsen appeared, he chose instead to get some work experience.

- I don't regret it. Here I get to draw in 3D, participate in customer site visits and participate in decision-making processes. Right now I'm working on an exhaust and combustion air project. Before that, there were heat exchangers and tanks. So things are moving fast here, says Mats, who really feels that he gets to use his education in his engineering job at Tratec Halvorsen.

- IN ADDITION, HAS we a great working environment. A few days ago, a group of us went out and had dinner together. And it's really nice that we can be social in our spare time with people from work, says Mats.

In addition to football, he plays golf and goes hunting. He and his partner have also got a dog.

- No, there won't be much time to sit still, but that's how I like it, says Mats and laughs.


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