Heat exchangers for the Balder platform


Four new heat exchangers from Tratec Halvorsen are ready for installation on the Balder platform in the North Sea.

- The plan is for them to replace those who have been there before. Our new heat exchangers are twice as large and will provide much better effect for the customer, says Kjell Vidar Netland, head of offshore products at Tratec Halvorsen.

Installation can only take place in the summer. The heat exchangers will therefore be stored in Stavanger for a few months before being replaced on the shelf.

A so-called Waste Heat Recovery Unit (WHRU) ensures that the heat from the exhaust gas in a gas turbine produces process heat to the platform. Each of the colossi standing in the workshop at Øyesletta weighs around 20 tonnes.

Tratec Halvorsen received the WHRU order about a year ago. Netland is now hoping for more orders.

- This is a market we want to focus on going forward. We are not only good at pressure and temperature products. This is our core competence, Netland says.

Kjell Vidar Netland at one of the heat exchangers soon to be installed in the North Sea.

Staffing boom in the workshop

With 12 new employees so far this year, the workshop has had its capacity strengthened.

Builds four offshore tanks

It is rolled and welded in the workshop. Four new tanks are soon ready for the North Sea.