fornybar energi 4x4

Renewable energy

Construction site on the outskirts of St. Petersburg


Panorama of oil and gas central processing platform in sun set where produced, treat the hydrocarbon then sent to refinery , petrochemical , power generation plant and tanker barge for export.

Oil and gas

Farm salmon fishing in Norway. Norway is the biggest producer of farmed salmon in the world, with more than one million tonnes produced each year.

Aqua maritime

Chemical installation

Industrial plant

Beverage factory interior. Conveyor with bottles for juice or water. Modern equipments



Three new apprentices ready for Tratec Halvorsen

Two of the three apprentices who start in August will become welders. - Like winning the lottery, says John Vester Nielsen, who is the head of the workshop.

The coalescer is in full swing

The 18.5 meter long coalescer being built in the workshop is taking shape.

About us

Smart technology, green focus and cost-effective solutions characterize Tratec Halvorsen. Our products range from all types of boilers and pressure vessels to systems for water heat recovery and water treatment.

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