The square tank ready for testing


The first of the six tanks for the new Hugin A platform will soon be ready in the workshop.

Text and photo: Sveinung W. Jensen, Tellus Communications

- Because the tank is square, we have used thin plates and much more welding than on a round tank. We have also had to use a cooler welding method in several places to avoid structural material changes, says production coordinator at the workshop, Chris Bjørklund.

The tank is made of Duplex, which is a stainless steel with good corrosion resistance and high mechanical durability. It is 3.5 meters high and wide and 10.4 meters long, and has three internal chambers with a total volume of 120 cubic metres.

- It must stand outside on the platform and must withstand seawater. Before we ship it out to the customer, the tank must be acid-treated outside the workshop, says Bjørklund.

WORKED WITH The idea started last fall. Welders, fitters and sheet metal workers have been in full swing.

- Representatives from Aker Solutions, who are the customer, come to inspect the weld. The tank will then be tested for larks, before it is ready to be picked up by truck and then by boat to Kleven quay, says Bjørklund.

OUT ON THE PLATFORM the square tank will be installed, together with the five other tanks that Tratec Halvorsen will deliver for the same project.

- These other tanks are all round and look more like the ones we usually make here, says Bjørklund, who boasts about the work that has been done so far.

- We have very good people at the workshop. For this project, we have also hired labor from a local staffing agency, and it has worked very well, he says.

TRATEC HALVORSEN is one of several hundred Norwegian supplier companies that contribute to Yggdrasil.

Aker BP is the operator for Yggdrasil. And the client for Tratec Halvorsen is the alliance for fixed installations with Aker BP, Aker Solutions and Siemens Energy.

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Builds large fresh water tank

The first of a total of six tanks for Aker BP's new Hugin A platform in the Yggdrasil area is under construction at the workshop in Øyesletta.