Builds large fresh water tank


The first of a total of six tanks for Aker BP's new Hugin A platform in the Yggdrasil area is under construction at the workshop in Øyesletta.

Text and photo: Sveinung W. Jensen, Tellus Communications

- The special thing about the tank is that it is square. We have made such tanks before, but never with such a dimension, says project manager Stanley Rafoss.

The tank is 120 cubic meters and measures 3.5 by 10.4 metres, and will have three internal chambers. This presents additional challenges.

– A ROUND TANK has strength in itself. With a square tank it is different. It needs to be stiffened up and is much more challenging to make. And the more chambers, the more work there is. In return, a square tank will make better use of the space on board than a round one, says Rafoss.

Inside the workshop, welders, fitters and sheet metal workers are in full swing.

Three welders work on the two long sides. The entire tank is made in Duplex, which is a stainless steel with good corrosion resistance and high mechanical durability.

- IT WILL PASS of over 600 parts, which are finished here at the workshop before being welded and assembled together, says production coordinator at the workshop, Chris Bjørklund.

The construction of the Hugin A platform is assembled at Stord. In addition to the atmospheric fresh water tank that is now in production, Tratec Halvorsen will supply five pressure tanks for the project.

- The fresh water tank, which is called a "Potable Water Storage Tank", should be finished by Christmas. Everyone in the workshop is currently involved in the work. The planned delivery date for the other five is before summer next year, says Rafoss.

CEO Frode Olsen makes no secret of the fact that the Yggdrasil project is a large and very important assignment.

- Tratec Halvorsen has been awarded a contract which contributes to our investment in future-oriented robotic welding machines. That makes us competitive in the international market, says Olsen.

TRATEC HALVORSEN is one of several hundred Norwegian supplier companies that contribute to Yggdrasil.

The developer is the "Fixed Facilities Alliance", which is an alliance between Aker BP, Aker Solutions and Siemens Energy. Tratec Halvorsen's client is Aker Solutions.

Aker BP and license partners are investing NOK 115 billion in Yggdrasil. The development is expected to create 65,000 man-years in Norway, half of which are in the development phase.

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Three new apprentices ready for Tratec Halvorsen

Two of the three apprentices who start in August will become welders. - Like winning the lottery, says John Vester Nielsen, who is the head of the workshop.

The coalescer is in full swing

The 18.5 meter long coalescer being built in the workshop is taking shape.