Builds lifting equipment to transport modules


The lifting arrangement that is made here is specially designed to be able to handle the more than 40-tonne process module that is to be shipped out of the workshop.

Text and photo: Sveinung W. Jensen, Tellus Communications 

The module was dismantled last winter and transported in parts to the workshop in Kvinesdal.

There, it has undergone an extensive upgrade. Now it has been prepared and certified for 25 new years in the North Sea.

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THE PROJECT FIT fits perfectly into Tratec Halvorsen's commitment to extending the life of boilers, pressure vessels and systems for water heat recovery and water treatment.

- Soon the module will be transported down to the quay and loaded on board a boat which will transport it on to the customer, says John Vester Nielsen, head of fabrication at Tratec Halvorsen.

THE LIFTING ARRANGEMENT, which alone weighs around one tonne, is to be used when the module is to be loaded from a trailer and on board the boat waiting at the quay in Kvinesdal. It must also be used on arrival at the customer.

- It must first be lifted from the cargo boat onto land, and from there onto the production ship. So there is a total of three lifts, says Nielsen.

It is the uneven weight distribution on the module that makes it necessary to create this unique lifting arrangement. Because when the colossus is to be lowered, it is important that it hits the ground with all corners at the same time.

- THERE IS A LOT engineering work behind. Each corner of the ski is jacked up and weighed with load cells three times. The lifting arrangement is then constructed based on the measurements made, says Nielsen.

What happens to the construction after the process module is lifted back into place is unknown.

- It is up to the customer. After all, the module will be on the installation for the next 25 years, so it will hopefully not be relevant to have any more lifts for a while once it is installed on board, says Nielsen.

Only small adjustments remain before the page can be shipped out of the workshop.

It is welded on the lifting arrangement.

The lifting arrangement was designed so that it evens out the weight distribution on the module.

There is extensive engineering work behind the lifting arrangement.

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