With X-ray and ultrasound in the workshop

JOBB SAK 1 Hans-Erik Holmgren1

- The best thing about working in Tratec Halvorsen is the good environment and the versatile work tasks.

This is stated by Hans-Erik Holmgren (46), who is responsible for quality assurance of welding in the workshop at Øyesletta.

He is educated at the Welding Technical School and holds a certificate in welding, in addition to a number of courses in non destructive testing (NDT).

Offshore background

- Within NDT we have six different methods that we use when inspecting welding work. Among the tools we use are X-rays and ultrasound, says the stain suspension, who had worked offshore for ten years when he was hired in 2014.

He has no regrets that he went ashore.

- I am about 60 percent on so-called field work, and the rest in the office. It's a combination that suits me very well, says Holmgren, who boasts about cohesion in the workplace.


- In Tratec Halvorsen there is a short distance from the management and down to the workshop. We are a team working towards common goals, he says.

- What is the most interesting project you have been involved in?

- It must be the scrubber that we delivered to Aibel a couple of years ago. The thick walls made it very special to produce, says Holmgren, who likes challenges.


In his spare time he cultivates his great passion, motorcycles. He is currently checking on an old Triumph Chopper. But the last few months the bike has had to wait.

- I'm renovating a house. It takes an extremely long time. And then the family demands a little too, smiles Holmgren, who lives in Flekkefjord with wife and one child. He has no plans to get offshore again, or change employer.

- I like Tratec Halvorsen very well. Here I will stay.

Spearhead in new international venture

For over 20 years, he has worked with clients in Asia. Now Bjørn Tore Nyland will use his network to sell Tratec Halvorsen internationally.

Summer temps in full swing

Elise Helleren (21) digitizes old paper invoices, while Leon Sirnes (16) welds a pipe to be used in the workshop. Meet Tratec Halvorsen's summer temporary workers!