- Must be able to do most

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When Geir Agnar Tesaker (63) prefabricates pipes, he coaxes himself in the workshop.

- That's my dream job. I like welding with TIG. Such fine work is both more challenging and cleaner to keep up with, says Tesaker.

When he was first employed by the company, it was located at his home - Sira.

- It's starting to be a while ago. I've probably been here for over 30 years in total, but not continuously. For a while I worked in Egersund for what is today called Aker Solutions, Tesaker says.

Warm workshop

He brags about his workplace. Not only because the environment at Tratec Halvorsen is good, the pay is good and the tasks varied.

- I like that it is good and warm inside the workshop. That was not how we lived at Angholmen. But here at Øyesletta we get district heating from Eramet, the smelter which is right next door. It contributes to increased job satisfaction, says Tesaker, who also points out a short way to work as a clear plus.

Versatile work

Sirabuen has a professional plumbing certificate, but works with much more than pipes.

- If you work for Tratec Halvorsen, you must be able to do most things. If you are not versatile before, you will be working here. You get to try yourself in every possible way, and I like that, says Tesaker.

He says that the employees in the workshop are also involved in the creative process.

Love the motorhome

- I remember we made some hatch lifts a while back. Then we got involved in product development, says Tesaker, who expects to end his professional career at Tratec Halvorsen not too long ago.

- I expect to have another year and a half before I retire, says the 63-year-old.

- Then what are you going to do?

- Be with family. I have five children and seven grandchildren. And then I'm very interested in old cars. In recent years, I have also traveled a lot in motorhome with my girlfriend. It's absolutely amazing, smiles Tesaker.

With X-ray and ultrasound in the workshop

- The best thing about working in Tratec Halvorsen is the good environment and the versatile work tasks.